Sustainable Practices

Forest Forest

Long before it became "the right thing to do", the Amish were environmentally conscious. Traveling by horse and buggy, living without electricity, canning food from their own gardens... living "green" comes naturally in the Amish culture.

Amish craftsmen have always respected the natural materials they use. Hardwoods are purchased only from environmentally responsible suppliers who practice sustainable forestry in a socially beneficial manner. Since their hardwood sources are located within relatively close proximity, fuel and shipping costs are minimized, meaning Amish craftsmen leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint than manufacturers who import resources from overseas.

The Amish believe that no lumber should be wasted. Often, neighbors share smaller wood pieces that they can't use. Scraps are used to heat homes and shops. Even the sawdust is shared with local farmers for use in livestock bedding.

Perhaps their "greenest" practice is that the Amish make furniture that's built to last, furniture passed from generation to generation. In fact if it ever leaves your family home, it's far more likely to end up in a museum than a landfill.

After more than a decade of serving the public, we offer this synopsis of our company. The mission of Amish Workbench Furniture is to offer solid wood furniture handcrafted by Amish families to the public at affordable prices. Perhaps the biggest misconception about the term Amish furniture is that the Amish produce far more than mission furniture and shaker furniture. Amish craftsmen have for generations also hand built many other styles such as lodge furniture, country furniture, early American furniture, French country furniture, craftsman furniture, Victorian furniture, Queen Anne furniture, French provincial furniture, even contemporary furniture. If you are in the market for bedroom furniture, living room furniture or dining room furniture, you'll find our site to be a great resource. Among the most popular custom furniture offerings are benches, rocking chairs, desks, bookcases, pie safes, beds, tables, bar stools, dining room chairs, dressers, library tables, trestle tables, quilt racks, Morris chairs, leaf storage cabinets, quilt chests, children's furniture, hutches, bedroom sets, bureaus (furniture), coffee tables, highchairs, jelly cupboards, dining room tables, quilt cases, storage benches, sideboards, wine cabinets and wine racks.

A distinguishing feature of Amish handmade furniture is the use of solid wood (such as solid oak furniture). In fact oak furniture is often specifically requested, as is cherry furniture. Of course some of our customers have even more specific requests such as shaker oak furniture, shaker cherry furniture, mission oak furniture, mission cherry furniture, Amish oak furniture, Amish cherry furniture, oak country furniture or cherry country furniture.

Our company is proud to represent an extensive lineup of Amish furniture makers including Borkholder Furniture, Millcraft Furniture, Oakland Wood, Manasses Henry, M&V Finishing (which customers often spell as M & V Finishing), Amish Mills Furniture, D & E Workshop, Dublin Finishing, Buckeye Rocker Furniture, Country View Wood, Curveside Wood Products, A&J Woodworking (which customers often spell as A & J Woodworking), AJ's Furniture, E & S Wood Creations (which customers often spell as E&S Wood Creations), Honeybee Furniture, Hoosier Craft, Miller Cabinet Shop, F & N Chairs (which customers often spell as F&N Chairs), Hopewood Furniture, The Chest Shop, R H Yoder Chairs (which customers often spell as RH Yoder Chairs), JEM Woodcraft, River Woodworking, Shaum Chair Shop, Silverline Gameroom Furniture, John's Rustic Furniture, K&M Finishing, (which customers often spell as K & M Finishing), Lambright Comfort Furniture, L&J Woodworking (which customers often spell as L & J Woodworking), Lamb Woodworking, Old Town Oak, Quality Fabrications Furniture, Schwartz Woodworking, Troyer Finishing, Valley View Furniture and Yoder Porch Furniture.

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We appreciate your interest in Amish Workbench Furniture. As always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to call.